How organisations can achieve lasting competitive advantage through cost leadership



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How organisations can achieve lasting competitive advantage through cost leadership
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There are myriad professional associations affiliated with the supply chain and operation management. However, APICS is the most outstanding organization affiliated with the supply chain and operations management. It also serves as a top notch provider of flawless research, education and other related certification programs (“APICS – Overview.” 1). The primary objective of the APICS professional organization is to facilitate and increase the magnitude and level of excellence, innovation, and flexibility. There are several credit value aspects that make the APICS organization credible for the professional services it renders. First, it has a series of certifications such as CPIM, CSPCP, and SCOR-P. These designations aim at creating the standard necessary for APICS to assure its 41,000 members and approximately 250 international partners of its capacity to enhance the transformation of the manner in which business is conducted. Most people who associate with APICS manage to expand their businesses to a global context.

APICS mission

The APICS operates within a mission statement. It stipulates that the organization is “founded and built on a foundation of excellence”. Therefore, the mission of the organization is to foster or facilitate an advancement of the end-to-end supply chain. It is only feasible by adopting tools such as knowledge, quality systems, innovative research, and other methods to establish or create value for their customers (“APICS – Overview.” 2). Recent inferences about APICS insinuate that it is the leader with regards to sources of knowledge in the supply and chain management. Some aspects covered in the library of knowledge include inventory, production, purchasing, logistics, and material management. It has a high profile history origination from 1957. A series of companies have showed resilience and cooperation with APICS because of the professional training it offers. The training is internationally relevant and substantial such that it provides comprehensive information, resources and assists a global network of stable companies.

The most important thing is that APICS recognizes the contributions provided by the supply chain and operations management professionals in the company. Therefore, the company has a comprehensive approach to the employers and hirers of the company by ensuring that the company organizes an extensive file of educational resources. Some of these resources include opportunities or chances for career development, optimal practice sharing and other forms of business networking. In addition, the resource includes the local and globally structured membership where an extensive profile of opportunities exists. Finally, the organization has a high profile education, industrial publication, and training and publication programs. All these resources play the paramount role of enhancing a better business world where operators are aware of the trends appropriate professional conducts.

Contemporary issues about APICS

There are new and ongoing issues that are taking place in APICS. For instance, there is an ongoing nomination process for the 2016 APCIS and APICS supply chain council board of directors (“APICS – Overview.” 3). It is depicted that the people who serve in that position imply that one ought to share the experience and knowledge affiliated with how to develop the organization. Further, the members selected ought to express the zeal and recognition concerning supply chain profession. It is paramount to note that such high profile members of the association ought to devote their time, ideas and energy to facilitate the development of the organization.

The board of directors comprises of 17 team leaders who are either elected or nominated. They offer the association and the entire industry with professional insight and recommendation. Further, APICS consists of approximately 9 APICS districts within the United States (“APICS – Overview.” 3). Four districts are situated outside of America such as Africa, Europe, South America and Asia. There are approximately 2000 volunteers globally who dedicate approximately 180, 000 hours to assist APICS in its functioning to offer valuable education, certification, as well as membership services. The entire fraternity of the APICS staff and non-staff is dedicated to providing optimal products and benefits to the industry. Thus, they are situated in major towns where their services are accessible in terms of cost and physical location.

The APICS association manages and offers organizations, as well as, individuals with the knowledge concerning the best practices regarding project management and team building skills. The Association also acknowledges the support provided by the most dedicated volunteers and awards them accordingly. Therefore, APICS offers corporate Awards of excellence and Individual Awards. In addition, the Association is embracing the benefits of forming alliances and collaborations. The association is working with the variety of organizations with an aim of ensuring that the members of the organization benefit from the elevated profile and supply chain management. The principal purpose of engaging in active collaborations is to ensure that the level of professionalism elevated and the accessibility grid has risen above the already existing one.

The plans for the future merger between the APICS and the supply chain council are already accomplished. The management and the members of the association count the approach as a milestone and achievement for APICS, as well as, SCC. It is also a historic moment for businesses within the supply chain management industry. It is appropriate to accredit APICS as the most outstanding source of resources and information on how to propel successful supply chain management.

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