How different drinks make you feel 1

Running Head: HOW DIFFERENT DRINKS MAKE YOU FEELHow Different Drinks Make you feelStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation1HOW DIFFERENT DRINKS MAKE YOU FEEL2Drinking hard alcohol will give you the strongest emotions, while wine and beer willleave you relaxed, a study shows. Researchers reported these findings after interviewing30,000 young adults, aged between 21 and 34 years, from 21 countries in the Global DrugSurvey. The scientists sought to establish how the respondents felt after drinking alcohol.Each person interviewed had drunk all the types of alcohol studied-including spirits,beer,andred and white wine-in the 12 months before the study.Data from the survey published in online journals Research Gate recently showedthat respondents reported different reactions depending on the type of alcoholconsumed.”This study allowed us to get a fuller picture of the ups and downs people get fromdrinking, which drinks are linked which emotions (Pend, 2015), and which groups are mostat risk from some of the most concerning outcomes, such as feeling aggressive,’’says MarkBellis,lead researcher and director of policy and international development at Wales Publichealth.Study findings showed that spirits were most strongly associated with feelings ofbeing energized, relaxed and sexy.” On the flipside, they were also connected with feelingaggressive, ill, restless, and tearful. Red wine was most strongly associated with feelingrelaxed, but also tired … Purchase document to see full attachment

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How different drinks make you feel 1
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