Houston, Texas, star of hope

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  • Financial position

Star of hope being a charitable organization, it gets most of its resources from donations and contributions from well wishers. According to the IRS the organization has been racked to be one of the most accountable and transport organization in the whole of the Texas region. According for review of chartable organization the institution has been given a score of 4 stars which is the highest star rating. Despite being accountable and transparent in their dealing the organization has gone on record claiming that the funds that they have raised through their funds drives and contribution are barely sufficient to fund all their activities. This has driven the organization to seek alternative way to ensure that they are able to provide the services. They have started a volunteer program where they have sought the services from professional and as a result they have been able to keep their doors open. In addition they have adopted efficient systems that have aided them maximize on their resources.

  1. Methods section

This section shows how the study was conducted. The study basically involved an evaluation of information on the organization that is found both online and in the media publication. Our primary source of data was from articles company’s websites and periodicals that have highlighted the organization (Williams, McGillivray & Romano, 2010). In addition we also sort information from the bureau of statistics for data relevant to the topical subject in order to draw upon certain conclusion on the result The study utilized secondary data because of the nature of its design. It was difficult to collect primary data due to the nature of the study.

  1. Data collection process

The data collection process basically involved the collection of publication periodicals and deeply analyzing them for facts and figures that are relevant to the topical subject. It was, however, a bit challenging as there is not much written information available in regards to the subject of concern in the paper. The challenge was overcome by using information available and relating to information that was available for similar organizations.

  1. Validity concerns, if any

From the in-depth look at the organization star of hope, despite their great achievement they also have their fair share of challenges. As many nonprofit organizations, it is faced has faced with challenges as long as they are in existence. However, the organization has been working on ways to overcome the same hurdles over the years. Notable is that as the years go by every challenge gave way to a whole set of new opportunities. In the years, 2010 and 2012 Donations went up, but the funding uncertainty remains. According to statistics of the nonprofit organizations, the donations went up by approximately 7.5% and a further 3.9% on atlas giving in the year 2012. However, the volume of donors is down. According to these statistics, though the number of the donors has gone up the volume of donation has gone down resulting in a lesser amount available for the nongovernmental organization.

The nonprofit making organization has also been affected by several man-made and natural disasters which in totality have resulted in a varied change in the quantity of amounts that are donated by the different traditional contributors to the charitable organization. A natural disaster such as the credit crash and the some natural disasters have also played a great role in the reduction of the quantities. Notable is the drop in the oil prices, as the Texas region mainly depends on revenues from oil productions the large oil corporate are cutting back on their expenditure on philanthropy.

The organization is also faced with a challenge a steep rise in the number of non-profit making organization. According to the statistics, there has had a 31% increase in the number of charitable organizations. This has resulted in a reduced amount of donations to the mission as the organizations are appealing from a donation from the same set of individuals. Notable is the threat that is faced by the organization in terms of fundraising and acquisition of monies to propagate their cause.

The organization being based on Baptist principles also poses a challenge to the organization. Houston being a cosmopolitan community many individuals have different beliefs and faiths. As a result, they may not be willing to support a Baptist based charitable institution despite the organization catering to individuals in discriminatively. This also places a conflict on the raging of funds to support their cause.

The organization also faces a great deal of a challenges in terms of technological advancements. Due to the strain on the funds available to the organization the charitable organization is struggling to keep its doors open and the lights on, the usually find themselves lagging behind in terms of technological advancements. Notable, is during the upgrading of some of it facilities to adequately accommodate their target they had to settle for some second-hand equipment that was not well to date with the current time technology. In addition, the fundraising drives in current society have shifted from the traditional modes to a more internet based funds drives. It has lead to the organization to seek the help of volunteers to assist in upgrading the company’s websites and online presence. Notable is the delivery of volunteers is not always the best as they are working for free.

  1. Discussion

As the success of such organizations is not usually pegged on the amount of monies that they collect but in the impact they have on the society. It is notable that the star of hope has been able to touch the core of the society. In Houston, the mission prides its self in a whole basket of praises and testimonies of their works. Despite the large strain on resources and other societal challenges, they have been able to overcome and keep their doors and hearts open to the public winning the hearts and souls of many along the way.

Finding a clear path in the midst of chaos is one thing that the star of hope prides itself in. They have received a commendation from analysts auditors and the IRS for integrity and adequate use of funds they have acquired. This in turn has built confidence in the hearts of the donors. Finally, the organization seeks to continue with the good work of keeping their doors open for the less privileged and homeless individual giving them shelter food and medication.


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