Islamophobia: Culture and Interpersonal Communication

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Islamophobia: Culture and Interpersonal Communication
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Islamophobia: Culture and Interpersonal Communication.

Religion is the most ancient form of socialization that the world has ever known. This old part of society has come with its fair share of challenges. There has always existed some antagonism between religions, especially between Christian and Islam. These two religions have had the longest feud in the rich history of worship all over. That has brought out the concept that many dread of Islamophobia. The term refers to practicing or exhibiting acts of prejudice against individuals of the faith. In this context, those of the religion suffer some form of hostility as well as hatred for other people who are of different faiths.

Islamophobia always results from the act of the various religions pitting themselves against each other and that results in hatred and this case the Islam religion is in question. The act of having Christianity and Islam being juxtaposed against each other and being contrasted has led to violence as well as hostilities (Kimball 1). All religions subscribe to certain doctrines, and they would love to enjoy their religious affiliations without interference from other social factors. Islam has undergone a lot of criticism from its time of inception until recent times. That has resulted in people viewing each other differently when it comes to matters of religion especially Christianity and Islam. However, there ought to exist some form of respect, as well as fair treatment among people of different faiths.

Christians have been known to be the biggest critics of the Islamic religion, and that has only served to fuel the antagonism between these two religions. Christians seem to have a perception that all those affiliated with the religion have an evil motive. Christians ought to realize that not all Muslims are evil, and that means that some have the best interest of the globe at heart. The phobia for Muslims has misled the world into believing that each in the religion has been affected by the religious fundamentalism that is pegged to the affiliation. The globe has been torn apart by the problems surrounding these two warring doctrines. The teachings in each tend to differ to a great extent, especially on matters of fundamentalism. Christians tend to align themselves with inclusiveness of all while the Muslims tend to segregate against those from other religions.

One good example of the religious fundamentalism is shown in the movie Holy Wars. The movie was first availed on screen in the year 2010. It is an accurate picture of how the world’s biggest religions have undergone a revolution and they have been placed head to head against each other. It uses two individuals to paint a picture of how this duo has been at war since the beginning of time and highlights some of the repercussions of this war of holiness (Holy wars). The conflict has been there for 1400 years, and the battle is still fresh and tasty in the mouths of those that fight it even today.

The world views the Islamic religion as one that implants the wrong ideas and perceptions in the minds of its followers. The cases of suicide bombers are an example of how the religion has gotten to its supporters. The world detests the teachings of the religion since it emphasizes that those who are not of the same alignment as them, are sinners and deserve to be punished in the eyes of Allah. The Muslim Brotherhood has misled some into joining sects that only result in bloodshed and not in any tangible benefits towards strengthening the faith. That is the sole reason as to why the concept of Islamophobia is so prevalent in the world today (Kimball 1).

People have their opinions about the religion, and some have gone to the extents of developing some form of hatred for the religion. Some perceive it as a faith that professes violence, as well as hatred. The terrorist attacks that are mainly aimed at the Christians are proof enough of how the war is not yet over. The violence taught in some of the mosques continues to show that the religion is one that metes out hunger on those who do not subscribe to the same belief. Some radical tendencies have been taught to the Muslims, and that has propagated the notion that all Christians deserve no mercy. The phobia has resulted in hatred between these two factions and that builds towards the long feud between them.

Christians are not the only people who see the evil acts practiced by the religion. Some Muslims realize the intensity with which the religion despises other religions, and some try as much as possible to keep from the actions of their leadership (Kimball 1). The followers of the faith tend to view Christianity as an evil religion, hence they tend to accept any teachings that condemn Christian doctrines and what it stands for in entirety. The holy war has been raging for a long while now, and it is one that has no end in sight as of yet. That is because the leaders continue to sow the seed of discord, and that has built the bridge of Islamophobia.





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