Highly trivialized

Highly trivialized


Post your final revised paragraph responding to the research article, ensuring that your paragraph is a complete academic argument with all MEAL plan elements. Additionally, share at least one specific resource or strategy that has helped you revise and explain how it helped.

Use the below essay:

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Highly trivialized
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The significance of care, especially in advanced levels of education, is highly trivialized. It is equally critical for doctoral students to determine aspects that improve relationship-building, intending to elevate students’ quality of life and success. Without a doubt, a lot of care needs to be exhibited towards the doctoral study to achieve the necessary results. According to Rogers-Shaw and Carr-Chellman (2018), self-awareness increases stress management levels, academic discipline, and motivation. Self-awareness in the doctoral program enables students to set goals, meet responsibilities, and promptly accomplish their academic tasks. Building capacity and lasting relationships are critical in all stages of doctoral study, as students are better equipped to manage stress and achieve better educational outcomes (Rogers-Shaw & Carr-Chellman, 2018). The concept of care is deeply rooted in doctoral studies, and postgraduate students often care for themselves, their families, and other people in the community. In doctoral programs, care for oneself and others can enhance the student’s capacity and relationship-building and result in better academic outcomes and quality of life.

The process of analyzing the evidence was quite enlightening. I learned so much about the concept of care and the need to build relationships and capacity for doctoral students, particularly those in their first year of study. I conducted thorough research, which helped to come up with better and persuasive arguments for the paper. One of the questions that I would like to learn more about is as follows; why is the concept of care and self-awareness applicable mostly to students doing doctoral programs? One of the challenges that came up is the inability to link different research studies to various questions that arose. In entirety, the process was smooth, thought-provoking, and educative.

I had quite an easy time writing the lead-out sentence (the last sentence in the first paragraph). I had prior knowledge of what a lead-out sentence is, and this made the writing process entirely fun and memorable. The lead-out sentence was easy to write. It summed up all the main arguments I had written on the concept of care for doctoral students and its essentiality in building capacity and enhancing relationships. It makes others want to read further to determine why I posit this. Overall, I learned the significance of lead-out sentences, mainly when showing the reader that a person has concluded the writing process. I loved writing the sentence, and I did thorough research to ensure that I came up with the best yet effective lead-out sentence.

Why is a lead-out sentence necessary in essay writing? What makes a lead-out sentence different from a topic sentence? As mentioned earlier, the questions are some of the few that I would like to have a more thorough understanding. While writing the lead-out sentence, I did not face any significant issues. But I had a bit of a hard time picking out the exact words to use into making my lead-out sentence, and I believe I excelled at it.


Rogers-Shaw, C., & Carr-Chellman, D. (2018). Developing care and socio-emotional learning in first-year doctoral students: Building capacity for success. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 13, 233-252. https://doi.org/10.28945/4064

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