Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Howard Community College Health Promotion Project Paper

  • Upon completion of your service experience we ask that you reflect on what you’ve learned about:
    • the population they serve
    • the challenges they are working to engage with.

    With this information create a Health Promotion Project that you believe meets the needs of the community partner based on the criteria below:

    Project Requirements:

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    • This project can be in the form of a flier or brochure that educates the community you served on an important public health issue.
    • Any flier, brochure or handout must contain factual, accurate information.
    • Fliers, brochures and handouts must be free of spelling errors, be creative, colorful and in a PDF format, so that it can easily be printed or shared electronically.
    • Include the logo or the partner name in the project (logo on printable materials, mention the partner in recorded materials)
    • The name of the file MUST be saved in the following format:
      • ORGANIZATION NAME.TOPIC.STUDENT LAST NAME Organization Name : Howard County Public School (Worthington ES)- Flu Vaccination Clinic
    • Answer Post Reflection Questions

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