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Now that you have some tools at your disposal, let’s put them to the test! You will stay at one site/location before moving on to another. Sometimes I’ll cue you in, sometimes I will not. All questions are worth 3.5 points unless otherwise noted. Some answers are very brief, so answer accordingly. Submit this document back to me with your answers under or next to each question via the assignments tab. You may also cut and paste in your answers. No citations are necessary, as I know the source if you did it right.“Google” Texas Statutes and click on the first link listed – This should give you a page of clickable state codes and state laws, including the Constitution. Here is the ultimate link: on the Penal (AKA Criminal) Code1. If one is guilty of bribery in TX, what classification of crime is it and what are the possible punishments? (4.5 points)2. You have a friend who is charged with theft of trade secrets. What does that mean (describe crime using statutory language) and what punishment are they facing? (4.5 points) Time to really search…go back to the first page that lists all the codes….we’ll jump around now.3. Under what code are the rules about partnerships and limited liability companies found? 4. What conduct is prohibited with a going out of business sale due to the possibility of it being “deceptive?” 5. Under what circumstances can one have the disabilities of being a minor removed?6. You want to make sure that your will is valid. Where would you go (Code, Chapter and Section) to determine if you did all that you needed to? (4.5 points)7. What local and special hunting law is applicable to Bell County?8. Besides a golf course, where may one operate a golf cart in Texas?Now it’s time to go look at some of our other Texas resources.9. What is the purpose Uniform Commercial Code Section with the Secretary of State’s Office?10. Besides UCC issues, what other big area of business law (several chapters in your text about it that we will study) does the Secretary of State also assist with?11. In Texas, what is an attorney general’s opinion and name 3 people who may request one?Look at the consumer protection section on the AG site (Lots of good information here)12. When does the 3 day right to cancel a purchase apply?13. What rights do you have as a tenant according to the site?14. What was the subject of Texas House Representative Celia Israel’s press release on August 31, 2017?15. Who is the state representative to the Texas House for Salado, TX…zip code 76571?16. What US Supreme Court Justice looks after the 3rd circuit?17. What is the first day that the US Supreme Court will hold/held oral arguments in fall of 2017?18. Summarize the composition of the Texas Supreme Court.

19. Name three public Disclosure items you can find on the US House of Representatives website.20. Within the US Senate who is the “whip” and Finance Chairman?21. What was the subject of the Executive Order signed on July 19, 2017?22. Who is the Attorney General for the United States and where did he get his law degree? Purchase the answer to view it
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