GEO Project

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PART A. LOCAL GEOLOGY (15%)Parts A, B, and C should be submitted as a single document.Discuss and describe, in paragraph form, the geology of your region and location (state and local area, or country and local area – if you are overseas). Make sure you address all the following topics in geologic relation to your region:This section will require you to do some local and regional geological research. You may use materials from the course e-Resources and Webliography, and any Internet sources, including the USGS, state geological offices (or natural resources departments – see Webliography for a state list), scientific organizations, and local government offices, but all sources must be cited in proper APA-style at the end of Part A. Feel free to use graphics (esp. maps, diagrams, photos, satellite images, etc) where appropriate to support your descriptions of the local geology. Do not just list or cut-and-paste as the study must be in paragraph style and in your own words.PART B. VOLCANOES (5%)Refer to the course e-Resources, the course Webliography, and geologic research sources from the Internet to complete this section. Sources must be listed in proper APA-style citations, at the end of Part B. Choose three volcanoes – one composite volcano, one shield volcano, and one caldera – and complete the data requested in the matrix below (Note: only the first line is included here), or another form may be substituted (e.g. Excel). Then write a paragraph or two on only one volcano from the matrix, describing: (1) Plate tectonic setting and common igneous rocks found there, (2) Eruptive history of the volcano, including the last eruption or volcanic activity, and (3) Potential for future eruptions, with a general description of the population distribution within the volcano’s hazard zone? Feel free to use graphics (esp. maps, diagrams, photos, satellite images, etc.) where appropriate to support your descriptions and discussion. Volcano or Volcanic Range NameLocationElevationType of Volcano:CompositeShieldorCaldera Eruption Status:ActiveDormantorExtinctMain Hazards PART C. GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, GLACIERS, AND SEA LEVEL (10%)Refer to your course e-Resources, course Webliography, and the Internet to complete this part . Check the Webliography carefully for doing research on climate change, glaciers, sea ice, and sea level change. Your research sources must be listed with proper APA-style citations at the end of Part C. Choose three glaciers – two alpine glaciers (also called mountain or valley glaciers) and one ice sheet – and complete the matrix (only the first line is included here so you will need to add more lines) below, but another form may be substituted (e.g. Excel).Then write a short essay on: (1) the connections between global climate change and glaciers, (2) climate change and sea level change, and (3) glaciers and sea level change. Make sure you give geologic location examples. Then answer (4) why glaciers are one of the best forms of evidence for climate change? Feel free to use graphics (graphs, maps, diagrams, photos, satellite images, etc.) where appropriate to support your descriptions and discussion. Make sure you give specific geologic example locations in each of the four topics covered. Glacier or Ice Cap NameLocationIce Elevation RangeType of Glacier:Alpine GlacierorIce SheetStatus of Ice:AdvancingStableorRetreatingApproximate Length and Thickness of the ice Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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GEO Project
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