Essay 4 social media project outline

Charles GrandstaffMs.MathewsENG 2019 April 2021Football Spinal Injuries Social Media ProjectOverviewCreating more sensitization of Football Spinal Injuries and their impact on anindividual and their career is essential. With about 200,000 college Football players and1.2 million high school Football players, 10-15% often get spinal injuries. Althoughstudies and health records have provided some information about this, there still lacksan efficient sense of awareness of the problem. The project will look at the various theapproach of creating awareness on social media of the problem.Social Media PlatformsThere are a variety of social media sites that people often use. Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter, among others, are just some of the examples. In this case, the socialplatforms that will be used include;FacebookFacebook has a large following and is considered one of the most diverse in terms ofages. The project will utilize this to capture the elderly population, who could bepotential parents or coaches. With Facebook advertising, posts will get to millions ofviewers across different parts of the country. The posts are automatic, and all that isneeded is to sign up for the Facebook Ad account.Advantages of using Facebooka) Ageb) Adiversity unlike within other social media sites.large number of usersFigure 1: Facebook post on spinal injury awareness for footballTwitterTwitter is also another significant social media site that will be used. As f … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Essay 4 social media project outline
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