Engineering mechanics

ENGINEERING MECHANICSQuiz Number 5Direction: Solve the Following problem. Show your solution. NO CHEATING ALLOWED!!!SITUATION 1: The mass of the boat and its passengers is 1180 kg. The boat moves on a circular path of R =24 m. at a constant speed of 6m/s.1.What is the tangent component of the total force acting on the boat?a. 6 kNb. 3.5c. 2.5d. 02.What if the normal component of total force acting on the boat?a. 1.77 kNb. 2.35c. 3.7d. 0.983.If the boat is moving at a speed of 6 6 m/s at current instant and is increasing its speed at 2m/s^2 , what is the magnitude of the sum of the external forces acting on the boat that includesits weight?a. 2.84 kNb. 2.95c. 3.17d. 1.484.The tripod supports the load W as shown in the figure. Determine the maximum load “W” that can besupported by the tripod if the capacity of each leg is limited to 10 kN.a. 45 kNb. 30c. 23d. 3.33SITUATION 2: The uniform rod shown in the figure weighs 420 N and has its center of gravity at G.5.6.7.Determine the tension of the rod.a. 180 Nb. 254.56c. 240d. 1260Determine the normal force above the rod.a. 180 Nb. 254.56c. 240d. 1260Determine the reaction at the bottom of the rod.a. 180 Nb. 254.56c. 240d. 1260SITUATION 3: Answer the following terms in engineering mechanics.8.What is the branch of engineering mechanics which refers to the study of stationary rigid body?a. Staticsb. Kineticsc. Kinematicsd. Dynamics9.What refers … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Engineering mechanics
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