EngD5- Short Suspense- Due 12 Feb

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Part OneRead attached resources, then answer the following questions. 1. Examine the executive summary. Please re-write the executive summary using the example from the Victoria Business School(Attached). In other words, read over the executive summary from the report in the document from the Victoria Business School. Then rewrite the executive summary for the “Evening Shades” report in similar fashion to that of the Victoria Business School report.2. Look at the sources listed. How could the sources be improved upon? You can write one or two sentences in answering this question.Part TwoReview the following reading materials.· “How to write a business report,” from Victoria University of Wellington(Attached: VBS).· Colorado State University offers a fine website on advice for writing business reports(Attached).· From the eReserves in our class: Forsyth, P.K. (2013), Making numbers clear, in How to write reports and proposals, third edition.· In addition, please watch the video, Writing a Formal Business Report. The video is linked to at the top of the Content list for this week.After reviewing these materials and observing the video, please answer the following questions:1. Do you understand the format of your research based report? Look at the list of seven sections that your assignment directions state your report must contain. State briefly which section you think will be easiest to write, which section you think might give you trouble, and which, if any, section(s) you are not sure you understand.2. You must use seven sources for this assignment. Three (3) of these must be scholarly journals. Explain the difference between a scholarly journal and any other type of source.3. Your report must be 2000-3000 words long. How many pages would that be (you should think in terms of 12-point Times New Roman font)?Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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