1EFFECTS OF HUMOR ON MEMORYNAME:INSTITUTIONCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLE:INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:DUE DATE:2EFFECTS OF HUMOR ON MEMORYQ 1: identifying the independent variableFirstly both the independent and dependent variables are determined based on their causeand effects on each other. Therefore the independent variable is mainly the cause of an event,while the dependent variable is the effect of the occurrence. Therefore authors limit or controlthe independent variables to observe their effects on the dependent ones.Therefore for our scenario, the independent variable is where the sentence is humorousone not. When the sentence is exposed to changes, the results are then recorded by the authors.Therefore we understand that ‘Schmidt’ found out that the audience remembered more humoroussentences than those that were not. Cypress (2018).Q2: the scale of measurement for the independent variable.The nominal measurement scale is used where the sentences given to the audience aregrouped to be either humorous or not. When a nominal measurement scale is applied, thenumbers used serve as either labels or scales only when classifying or identifying objects.Additionally, nominal measurement scales are used when dealing with quantitative variableswith no numerical value. When the nominal measurements are applied, two mutually exclusivecategories can fall to either side. Therefore for our scenario, the two sides are whether thesentences were humorous or not. Es … Purchase document to see full attachment

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