Educational technology prof ed docx

Educational Technology Part 11. Which of the following statements has a very limited definition of educational technology?a. It is a profession composed of various job categories.b. It refers to the computers used for teaching and learning.c. It includes audiovisual materials, interactive multimedia and self-instructional materials.d. It is the development, application and evaluation of system, techniques and aids toimprove human learning2. Which of the following statements is correct about the domains of educationaltechnology?a. Design is the production stage while development is the planning stage.b. Both the design and development are the planning stage.c. Evaluation is synonymous with implementation.d. Utilization is the action phase.3. Ms. Gomez is planning to integrate technology in her Mathematics class. Which of thefollowing would be the logical steps in doing this?I. Set the objectivesII. Analyze the learnersIII. Utilize the materials with showmanshipIV. Evaluate the performance of the studentsa. I, II, III, IVb. II, I, III, IVc. I, II, IV, IIId. II, I, IV, III4. Which of the following is a limitation of models and real objects in teaching and learning?a. They pose problems on storageb. They make learning more concrete.c. They provide hands-on learning experiences.d. They are readily available in the environment, around school and in the home.5. Which group of technologies has the highest degree of concreteness?a. Realia and computerb. V … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Educational technology prof ed docx
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