Economics in the roman empire

Running Head: ECONOMICS IN THE ROMAN EMPIREEconomics in the Roman EmpireStudent NameInstitutional Affiliation12ECONOMICS IN THE ROMAN EMPIREIntroductionThe Roman Economy was diverse but operated like any other nation today. The onlydifference is that it was large and had influence in every corner. The most outstanding thing thatcomes to mind when one hears of the Roman Empire is the vastness of its territories and theprowess of its military. It is its ability to conquer various regions across Europe and Africa that itgarnered great wealth. This paper will describe the Roman Economy in terms of the sources ofrevenue, labor, transportation, and income distribution (Temin, 2006).Source of RevenueThe Roman economy was mainly agrarian but that was not all. It thrived from mining,trade, and taxation. Mining was a significant contributor to the empire’s wealth. The provinces itconquered provided these minerals in large numbers. These regions included Spain, Gaul,Britain, Asia minor, Macedonia and Danubian provinces to name but a few (Pundt, 2012).Precious stones used for trading such as gold and silver were the most common. Trade tookvarious forms but mostly in … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Economics in the roman empire
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