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A. Systems to Support Decision MakingB. Systems for Containing and Utilizing Business IntelligenceC. Systems for Collaboration and Social NetworksD. Systems for Different Functional GroupsE. Systems for Connecting the EnterpriseEach one of these topics has a vast amount of information and different systems associated with them. Definitions we are looking at during the term may be associated with several topics and even a specific system can fall under several topics (meaning it is utilized for different avenues of the business). For example a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may be used by managers to make decisions while, it is used by the functional group, Sales and/or Marketing to get to know their customers. Basically each group may talk about several of the same systems but, you will talk about that system and how it relates to your topic.Class time during weeks 13 and 14 will be given to you FOR MEETING AS A GROUP and WORKING ON YOUR PART OF THE PROJECT. You may want to meet prior to week 13 to look at how you want to structure the group project and what part each group member will take. Each person should write about 2 full pages on their specific part. One person should be elected as group leader and they will write the overview of the topic and conclusion (this means they need the material for writing the conclusion for each group member). Their part of the project can be shorter (meaning not 2 full pages) but, they will be in charge of putting the paper together as a unit as well as the final PowerPoint.I don’t care how you break down your topic. You will not be able to cover all areas of the topic but, may want to take different aspects (such as several of the systems involved, advantages/disadvantages, how it can help the organization in today’s global market, how it can help to meet their strategic mission and goals). There are many ways to break this down.Each student will make up 4-5 slides on their part of the project and these slides will make up the final PowerPoint to be presented in Week 15. Again the Group leader will not need as many slides but, they will put the presentation together, be the emcee introducing the topic and introduce each group member and their part.· Each student will submit 4 files:o Their part of the papero Their 4-5 PowerPoint slideso The final project papero The final PowerPoint· Per other assignments (case study) each student will need to include at least3 in-text citations backing up their information and references for those in-text citations· All written assignments and responses should follow either MLA/APA rules o Title page (in MLA the title is usually on the first page but, the instructor can request a title page and this is what I am asking for so that there is at least 2 full pages of content)o No paragraph spacingo Double spacedo 1” margins (top, bottom, left and right)o 12pt font sizeo Times New Romano References and in-text citations follows either the APA or MLA ruleso Can follow link for the Purdue Owl site for information on MLA/APA:· The PowerPoint should follow general PowerPoint presentation ruleso Meaning you do not read from the slides but, they are used for elaboration on the bulletso You can utilize graphics and then explain the graphic (such as a model of a CRM (if this is part of your topic))My group is taking E. Systems for Connecting the Enterprise and my part is success and Failure (Actual Example) I need two full pages about my part and four slides.Purchase the answer to view it
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