Discussion Post Answer. Please See Case Study And Answer The 9 Question Using The Data Provided.

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Patient ProfileMr. Artuso is a 63-year-old electrician who came to the emergency department complaining of shortness of breath, morning cough, and swelling in his lower extremities.Subjective DataHas smoked one pack of cigarettes daily for over 30 yearsHas difficulty breathing when he walksHas been sleeping in a recliner to make it easier to breatheHis shoes are tight at the end of the dayObjective DataPhysical ExaminationBlood pressure 125/90, pulse 90, temperature 98.4° F, respirations 32Increased anterior-posterior diameterBreath sounds diminished with prolonged expiration2+ peripheral edema bilateral lower extremitiesThin with muscle wastingRespirations laboredDiagnostic StudiesArterial blood gases: pH 7.32, SaO2 86%, PaCO2 55 mm Hg, PaO2 70 mm HgChest x-ray shows hyperinflation of lungsFEV1 65%Question 1What in Mr. Artuso’s history is commonly associated with pulmonary problems?Question 2Interpret Mr. Artuso’s arterial blood gases.Question 3What is a likely medical diagnosis for Mr. Artuso?Question 4What assessment data and diagnostic study results led you to this diagnosis?Question 5What complication associated with this diagnosis does Mr. Artuso also have? What clinical manifestation led you to that and what is the cause of it?Question 6What are the priority nursing diagnoses for Mr. Artuso at this time?Question 7What interventions are indicated for Mr. Artuso and what outcome is expected for each intervention?Question 8As part of patient teaching, is it “too late” to encourage Mr. Artuso to stop smoking? Why?Question 9What other teaching needs would you review with Mr. Artuso while he is hospitalized?Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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Discussion Post Answer. Please See Case Study And Answer The 9 Question Using The Data Provided.
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