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Response#1 Siva Most people or companies use the web in marketing their products brands and enhance their market relationships with the online members. The blogging strategy entails development of a web-designed content with a specific message on the product or service at hand for marketing. Some of the corporate blogs used for branding include LinkedIn, buffer, HubSpot, IBM, Marketo among others. Corporate blogging is used as a platform where companies connect to their consumers online. The companies provide their profile for a public view where buyers or consumers learn about the company through the daily posting. The most critical factor in the use of a corporate blog for branding or marketing is the ability to maintain it’s and provide relevant information for the public view. The use of corporate blogs should be designed for reliable organizational communication to fuel the organization’s marketing, branding, and public relation. Most bloggers develop their blog pages for different purposes, however, they failing in maintaining or retaining their audience to diversion in their objectivity. I would recommend for corporate web developers to focus on corporate communication strategies that will accommodate all its users. According to Lee (2006), 56 percent of bloggers who maintain their business objectives on their blog accord their efforts on the industrial efforts from the companies involved. Communication is critical since it provides a guideline on business reporting with regard to the company’s product branding, market promotion, and public relation. A mismatch in communication and or communication blunders will possibly deliver the wrong message to the untargeted audience. I, therefore, recommend that all bloggers focus on the proper communication strategies between the companies and the public. The companies have specific objectives for using the blogs are they can only achieve this by establishing a good communication system that will enhance the relationship with the public.ReferencesLee, S., Hwang, T., & Lee, H. H. (2006). Corporate blogging strategies of the Fortune 500 companies. Management decision, 44(3), 316-334.Response #2 ( Srinivasa)In these days the blogs have been vigorously increased. There are many numbers of sources available on internet that guide and support everyone to develop a blog for their use. As we all know that the internet is helping out everyone in each and every business. There are various tools and different type of help is provided by them in developing the different types of facilities. There are many corporate offices which use their blogs so as to develop their business. These blogs are visible to anybody and anywhere. They do not have any restriction and limits of viewing it. These blogs contain the valuable information that the user needs. For developing the marketing strategies most of the companies develop the bogs which contain different information about the organization. The blogs of the company can be prepared in any number of types and times. There are different styles and formats of the blogs available on the internet. A blog is showing off about a product or offers to provide but it can grant the full information of the resources about the industry. The blogs have different types of opportunities with it, by which the user can get attracted to any of the feasibility of the facility. For some of the blogs, the video playing at its background is the important strategy. Most of the users get attracted to the videos that may be getting played automatically. These playing videos may convey the information to the users without taking the permission of the users. By doing so the users may come across by the different products and various sites that may show their information to the users. The displaying of the video in a there blog may have different types of effects on the company. This may cost them for facilitating and supplying the information to the users of the blogs. These blogs are not the full and whole part of the company. Reference:F. (2018, August 27). Content Marketing Strategies for Corporate Blogs. Retrieved from https://maximizesocialbusiness.com/content-marketing-strategies-corporate-blogs-27731/Purchase the answer to view it
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