CALCIUM ATPase: The plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase is a transport protein inthe plasma membrane of cells and functions to remove calcium from the cells.TheCalcium ATPase are:• Plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase (PMCA)• Sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase ( SERCA)PLASMA MEMBRANE Ca2+ ATPase (PMCA) : PMCA is a transport protein inthe plasma membrane. It is essential for regulating the amount of calcium withinthe cells. The PMCA is involved in removing Ca2+ from all eukaryotic cells. Thereis a very large transmembrane electrochemical gradient of Ca2+ driving the entryof ions into the cells, yet it is very important for the cells to maintain lowconcentrations of calcium for proper cell signaling; thus it is necessary for the cellsto employ ion pumps to remove calcium. The PMCA and sodium calciumexchanger (NCX) are together the main regulators of intracellular Ca2+concentrations. Since … Purchase document to see full attachment

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