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To complete this assignment, please read the 2018 Case on Headspace in My Courses. You may also reference and review any other third-party materials or research on this company. For the assignment, you are Head of Customer Experience Management at Headspace. Your board is interested in how you are delivering on Headspace goals for customer acquisition, customer development and retention. They want to maximize CLV and create growth for the platform. ‘With this in mind, please write a report that is a maximum of 2500 words, or 10 pages double spaced, not counting the appendices with graphs, charts or other reference material.In the report, please address the following questions:1. What customer acquisition, development and retention strategy would be the most effective way to grow the platform? How would you measure it’s success?2. What are the defined target segments for Headspace? How are they different? How would you define each segment and it’s wants, needs, desires and the appropriate value proposition?3. How is Headspace using personalization and profiling techniques to improve it’s customer experience?4. Do you think Headspace’s brand message and company values are authentic? Be specific and provide evidence for your answer.I expect you to use at least 3 additional academic sources of additional research and evidence in the answering of the questions and in this paper. An academic source is a source of information that includes a survey, study or research conducted by a 3rdparty or academic institution that pertains to a topic, definition or concept that you are including in your paper.Rubric, case and assignment details are also attached below Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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