Compose a Bad News message

Compose a Bad News message
Academic level:Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)
Discipline:Business Studies
Title:on instruction
Number of sources:0
Paper instructions:To successfully format and compose a Bad News message.

Write a Bad News message as instructed below.
Use the content from your textbook readings, the Jack Abramoff case (link is copied below), and Oswego School of Business Ethical Guidelines Primer (found in the Ethics folder) to assist in the completion of this assignment. I will expect the use of this information in your posts, where appropriate.
Using the Jack Abramoff case, write a bad news message informal letter format. Follow the items in the list that follows.
1. The message sender (encoder) is a Human Resource representative from Jack’s company, and the receiver (decoder) is Jack Abramoff.
2. The purpose of the message is to communicate to Jack about his performance related to his wrongdoing before the investigation began. Also, inform Jack of the company’s next steps.
3. Write the message correct format and composition. Follow the guidelines presented in the assigned reading on, a) analyzing and planning (a bad news message) and b) effective strategies for composing.

Refer to pages 198-206 to complete this assignment.
Jack Abramoff case link:

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Compose a Bad News message
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