Candomblé orixas

Candomblé orixas
Project description
Please use complete sentences to write your essay. Be sure to answer all of the questions or statements posed fully and thoughtfully. Please type your answers using 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced and 700-1,000 words in length (approximately 2 to 3 pages). Use your own words and site your sources accordingly, when paraphrasing AND when using direct quotes. You can use either APA or MLA style citations. Do NOT use Wikipedia or Baidu as a source.
Conduct a short research using the library databases or the internet for Candomblé orixas. Write an essay on one or two of them, using the information you found. Discuss the details of each orixa you chose, including their associated day of the week, symbols, foods, jewelry, Catholic Saint, etc. What does this orixa represent? What kind of protection do they offer to their patrons? How are orixas used in Candomblé?

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