Business nature of operations

Computer Network Systems Question and Answer 2021a) Explain the following terms as used in computer networks.i.(4 marks)Computer network – A collection of linked computers for communication and resourcesharingii.Threatiii.Denial of Service attacks- Network attackes whose primary goal is to deny service tpauthorized usersiv.FDDI –Fiber distributed data interface, a modification of token ring which usesbfiberoptic cable and an extra ring for failue handling.b) State and explain 4 types of computer networks.(8marks)i.Local Area Network (LAN)- It is also called LAN and designed for small physical areassuch as an office, group of buildings or a factoryii.MAN- It is designed to extend over the entire cityiii.Wide Area Network (WAN)-It is used for the network that covers large distance such ascover states of a countryiv.Wireless Network / WLANv.CAN etcc) Outline 4 types of network cablingi.Coaxial cableii.UTPiii.Fiber Opticiv.STP(4 marks)d) List five benefits of an organization can achieve by installing a computer network (5marks)v.Connectivity and Communicationvi.Data Sharingvii.Hardware Sharingviii.Data Security and Managementix.Performance enhancement an dmanagemente) With an aid of diagrams explain ANY three types of physical network topologies. (9 marks)Any Three topologies: 1 mark stating, 1 mark explaining, 1 mark sketching for eachMesh TopologyIn a mesh network, devices are co … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Business nature of operations
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