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Biomedical Ethics PaperThis assignment allows you to explore a current topic related to biomedical ethics. As an administrator, it is important to stay up-to-date with current ethical issues in health care.Select one of the following issues:Transplants and rationingXenotransplants (cross-species transplants)AbortionIn vitro fertilization (IVF)Eugenics (good genes)Withdrawal of life supportPhysician assisted suicide (PAS)Stem cell researchBioterrorCryonics (freeze and reanimate the deceased)Write a 850-word paper that discusses the biomedical ethics issue you selected. Use headings and subheadings for clarity to ensure that you have covered all required points in the paper. Your paper should:Include an introduction and conclusion.Describe your topic, include current research, news, and information.Explain the ethical issues related to your topic.Explain how human subject protections may apply to your topic.Explain how informed consent may apply to your topic.Explain how an advanced directive or a surrogate decision maker could impact your topic.Identify five recommendations based on the ethical issues you identified to ensure ethical choices are made in regard to your topic in the future.Cite at least 2 reputable references. One reference must be your textbook. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.Format your paper according to APA guidelines.Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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Biomedical Ethics Paper
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