BGMT 364 Phase #2 Business Strategy Analysis COURSE MATERIALS ONLY

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The Executive Director has been asked by Max Barney to put together, and present in a memo to him, a business strategy that will be a guide for the next year as the new division moves forward. The Executive Director will be working with the consulting group over the next 5 weeks and they will assist with putting together this plan. The final plan will be laid out as outlined below and developed in three phases.Section IV – Description of Organizational Structure and CultureSection V – Breakdown of Product and ServicesSection VI – Communications PlanThe business strategy will provide the organization an opportunity to explain the goals and objectives of the new division and help with the development of the strategy to achieve them. The plan will allow the company to gain insight into the current status of the industry they are venturing into using internal and external analysis tools, and then use this analysis to design their division’s business environment. In addition, the plan will be used to form the team that will bring the vision for this division to reality. You will need the Biotech Company Profile to complete the analysis. Phase IIThe Executive Director of the Asia Division of Biotech has asked the Expert Foods Consultants that has been assisting with the development of the Business Strategy to begin putting the second phase together. In this phase, the director would like to start painting the functional picture of how the new division will be setup, the products that are believed critical for a successful initial launch, and how the division will communicate within itself, across other divisions, and with the corporate offices. To do this, the group will deliver a Description of the Organizational Structure and Culture section; a Breakdown of Products and Services for the initial Launch; and the Communication Plan.Description of the Organizational Structure and CultureIn this section, you will identify and lay out the organizational structure through the use of an Organizational Chart with the new division and delivered informally to the director. It is intended that this section will now formally present the structure and explain the rationale behind its construction. The idea with presenting the Organizational Chart is to understand why the levels of the chart are developed. Explain why each part of the structure is critical to the success of the organization. For example, if an Assistant Division Director (ADD) of Research and Design was placed in the Org Chart, you could explain that he or she will be responsible for finding ways to integrate green/sustainable materials into infant formula, something that has not been done on a large scale in the past. The ability to create products that have not been introduced in the marketplace in mass production will give Biotech a competitive advantage, and under the VP of R&D there is a person responsible for the local testing. You will explain why their testing will have a critical impact on the success of the new product line.You will also present the cultural complexities that will need to be monitored and possibly addressed. The director will be bringing a facility online in an area in which Biotech currently has no presence and there could be unforeseen cultural dilemmas that could arise. Expert Foods Consultants has considered whether or not to use local nationals in management roles or to bring in current Biotech employees from other locations. Each of these will have their own complexities from a cultural standpoint so consider them as you generate your response. Consider how the new location’s citizens view work hours, holidays, religious beliefs, etc. while researching this topic. Another example about understanding business cultures in foreign countries is how bribery is a big part of business for some cultures but still illegal for a U.S. based company to participate in this act while operating on foreign soil. If the location of the new facility has some cultural differences from what other locations do, you should explain whether Biotech will need to recognize the difference or expect the employees to adhere to Biotech’s standards.Breakdown of Products and ServicesIn this section, you will present the products that Biotech will release in the first launch of the new division. You addressed the products in week 5 and will now be formally introduced as the product line. Biotech needs to formally introduce the line of products that it will be presenting to the public and how its production aligns with Biotech’s mission. This section will need to provide specifics on the product and how it meets the sustainable, green, and human friendly mandate set forth from Melanie at the beginning of this project.Communication PlanThis communication plan will be a roadmap on how the new division will best be able to communicate with Biotech’s corporate headquarters, suppliers, other divisions, and internally. This should lay out best practices and how the organization will be able to use the latest technologies available. Instructions for completing Phase IIStep 1: Write an Introduction paragraphCreate the Introduction Paragraph A well written management plan begins with a statement of the company’s goals for the project. This Introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of the plan and will be used to describe to the reader the intent of the paper. This intent should be understood prior to reading the remainder of the paper so the reader will understand the intent of the information.Step 2: Organization StructureIdentify and discuss the current organizational structure;Develop the organizational chart providing detailed information on the levels of the chart, the role and responsibilities of the position. Explain the rationale behind the construction;Discuss the part of the organizational chart for the new division. Explain the rationale behind the construction and explain why each part of the structure is critical to the success of the organization;Discuss the position and role of the person responsible for local testing explaining why his or her testing will have a critical impact on the success of the new product line.Step 3: Organizational CultureIdentify and discuss the current organizational culture;Identify and discuss the cultural complexities that Biotech will need to monitor and potentially address;Explain whether local nationals should be used in management roles or whether Biotech employees should be transferred to the new location discussing the cultural complexities that need to be considered;Step 4: Breakdown of Products and ServicesDiscuss the product(s) that Biotech will release in the first launch of the new division; Discuss how the production of the products align with Biotech’s mission in terms of being sustainable, green and human-friendly.Step 5: Communication PlanCreate a communication plan that clearly identifies the communications objectives (results Biotech wants to achieve and purpose of the plan, defines key audiences, identifies media channels, and establishes a timeline and a way to evaluation effectiveness of plan.FOUR TO SIX PAGESCOURSE CHAPTERS: the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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BGMT 364 Phase #2 Business Strategy Analysis COURSE MATERIALS ONLY
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