Betels 7

GROUP 2Regions: Region3, and Region 4A &4B, Region 5 and Region 6•••••••CandungoCenabreCirera, CandyCirera, CathbienDiolesteEroilaGalletoCENTRAL LUZONRegion in the PhilippinesREGION 3 (CENTRAL LUZON)Region III, is an administrative region the Philippines ,primarily serving to organize the 7 provinces of the vast centralplainsof the island of Luzon(the largest island), for administrativeconvenience. The region contains the largest plain in the countryandproduces most of the country’s rice suply , earning itself thenickname”Rice Granary of the Philippines”.The region of Central Luzon is locatednorth of Manila, the nation’s capital.AreaTotal: 22,014.63 km2(8,499.90 sq mi)7 PROVENCIES•••••••AuroraBataanBulacanNueva EcijaPampangaTarlacZambales14 CITIES•••••••••••••AngelesCityBalangaCabanatuanGapanMabalacatMeycauayanMuñozOlongapoPalayanSan FernandoSan JoseSanJose del MonteTarlac City116 Municipalities & 3,102 BarangaysLANGUAGES•••••••KAPAMPANGANPANGASINANTAGALOGSAMBALILOCANOENGLISHAnd many more !TALKING ABOUT FUN …..• Luzon is the Philippines’ largest island and home of the capitalManila. Central Luzon is home to big cities, some nice beaches,majestic mountains, large picturesque lakes, and a goodinfrastructure.• Central Luzon is an all-round destination, with great diving,hiking, birdwatc … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Betels 7
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