assignment c bank account code with attached output

NAME:BILL MUTUKUREGNO: IN14/00005/18COURSE :APPLIED COMPUTER SCIENCEUNIT CODE: ACMP 324UNIT NAME: OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING(C++)TASK:TAHE AWAY CAT#include#includeusing namespace std;class account{public:string name;int accnumber;int accType;};//declaring variablesint main(){int accType;string name;int accnumber;int option;int deposit;float balance;int withdraw;int add;int compound;int penalty;int amt;cout << "Please enter your name: "<> name;cout << "Type your account number: "<> accnumber;cout<<"Welcome " <>accType;switch(accType){case 1:cout<<"Your savings account is open and running!"<>option;switch(option){case 1:cout<<"Enter amount to deposit"<>deposit;balance=(deposit+balance);if (deposit>=50){cout<<"Deposit succesful!Your account balance is "<>withdraw;if(withdraw>deposit){cout<<"Failed!Not enough ... Purchase document to see full attachment

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assignment c bank account code with attached output
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