Assessment Item 2 Task 2 – Recovery Mini-Journey

Assessment Item 2 Task 2 – Recovery Mini-Journey
Length: 750
The Task – Part 2.
In a separate document you will write an essay in the first-person using your own Recovery experience as the core focus, frequently and consistently referring to your perceptions of the consumer experience using; relevant literature and your own insight to support your views.
Checklist – Part 2.
• Write in a first person academic style.
• Use your experience as the core information and consistently refer out to relevant literature and your own insight.
• Identify and discuss factors that impacted on your ability to be successful – both internal (your own motivation) and external factors (things beyond your control).
• Describe your collaboration with your supporters. Discuss aspects of their support that were and weren’t helpful to you and how you negotiated to get the support you needed. (You will need to make this up….using imagination and consumer reviews) Compare your supporters and what it was they did differently that was more/less helpful to you.
• Compare and contrast your Recovery journey to that of a mental health consumer, using relevant literature and your own insight. Consider potential differences in your own social status and life situation (to that of a consumer). Consistently support your journey using your own insight and references to relevant literature.
• Discuss the importance of consumers as drivers of their own Recovery by considering your own experience and in relevant literature.
• Explain how your understanding of the Recovery approach will enable you to provide evidenced based nursing care for consumers.
Submission will involve two uploads:
• On or before the due date, upload your Recovery plan to Turn-it-in as a separate document – do not include the Recovery plan within your assignment, it must be uploaded as a separate file.
• It doesn’t matter if your Recovery plan is a PDF or PPT file and can’t be read by Turn-it-in, only the essay component of the assessment needs to be read by Turn-it-in.
• After you’ve uploaded the Recovery plan, upload your written essay.
• Do Not finalise your submission until after both documents are uploaded. You will not be able to upload the second document if you have already finalised your submission.

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