Article Review and discussions sample paper

Article Review and discussions

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Article Review and discussions sample paper
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1.Article Review and discussions

The article titled Greece Debt Crisis: Creditors Press for New Proposal is all about the Eurozone crisis that hit Greece severely. In 2008, the Eurozone realized that one of  its members, Greece, was unable to pay its debts that had accumulated significantly. The Eurozone

 started the long journey of bailing out Greece and other countries such as Ireland. Much recently, Greece was given conditions from the Eurozone members to fulfill before getting another bailout. The Greece citizens went into a referendum and rejected the conditions given by the Eurozone. Therefore, the major creditors, such as Germany, Italy, France, and the European Central Bank are pressuring Greece to come up with a new proposal on how it will clear its debts, save its collapsing banks, and avoid an exit from the Eurozone.

             This topic relates to the topic of globalization and international relations.  With globalization different countries come together to form economic blocks that strengthen their trading power. For instance, since large economies such as the United States and China  also have strong currencies, the European Union sort to consolidate their currencies into the Euro so that they may have a stronger collective bargaining against the dollar. However, the plan did not work out very well because of the debt crisis.

            I believe the Eurozone is facing big economic challenges because of the Greece debt condition. It is clear that Greece may fail to pay its debts and crush out of the Eurozone. The repercussion of such an event is devaluation of the Euro and collapse of several banks in Europe that had lent to Greece.  There is also a possibility that big creditors such as Germany and France will suffer severe economic breakdown if Greece fails to pay its debts.

BBC Reporter,. (2015). Greece debt crisis: Creditors press for new proposals – BBC News. BBC News. Retrieved 6 July 2015, from

2. Discussion

 The internet as an aspect of   globalization will help in improving global understanding. The internet offers the platform for people from all corners of the world to communicate and be able to understand each other in term of social, economic, geographical and technological matters.  For example, using social media it is possible for different people of the world to become frinds and share ideas. Business people can use the internet to trade amongst each other and research about the needs of other countries. It is also possible to consolidate technological ideas online and create innovative productions.

2.2       The objective of the World Federalist Movement is indeed very unrealistic. It is not possible to have global peace or a common democratic system across all the countries of the world. if such an objective becomes a reality, then one country would dominate the world and enforce common standards. A central governance structure will do away with the sovereignty of states.

4.1 Discussion Topic

The cause of the war on terror can be analyzed using the four levels of analysis. At the individual level, there is an aspect of individual leadership decisions. A leader such as George Bush or even the late Saddam Hussein has personal ambitions to fulfill. At the domestic level, there is the issue about the needs of countries such as the United States to protect its interest. The third level of international comes about because individual countries have allies and shared interst that makes them join forces and make it looks as an international affair. Furthermore, the issue of terrorism affects many countries in the world.  the fourth level of class comes about because there is class division in the world between the rich countries of the west and the developing countries in the East.

4.2 Activity

From the data available on global trade statistics, it is clear that the more developed countries export more goods and services to the less developed countries and vice versa. The more developed export finished products such as electronics and motor vehicles while the less developed countries export raw materials such as agricultural produce. He imbalance of trade creates room for massive trade exploitation and dependency. The less developed countries are exploited because they sell their raw materials cheaply to the developed countries and buy expensive finished goods from them.

3.1 Discussions

Not all rising powers are met with aggression by the existing powers. For a rising power to attract aggression from an existing power, then it must have the following characteristics. First, it must indicate the ability of possessing the economic muscles to control international trade. Secondly, it must have the military power that rivals that of the existing power in matters such as nuclear warheads. Thirdly, it must get directly involved in international politics by interfering with controversial issues affecting other countries.

3.2 Activity

The United nation has several arms that include the General Assembly, the secretariat and other specialized bodes such as UNHCR, UNEP, UNICEF, UNHABITAT, WTO, and UNDP. The united Nations is still very important in the 21st century because of its role in setting international laws in matters such as was, refugees and international trade. The new interdependence does not imply a shift in international system, it is just a way of creating checks and balances to avoid domination by individual states.

5.1 Discussion

 The positive aspect of nationalism is to create a cohesive state that does not allow for internal conflicts. Countries that encourage nationalism do not allow for civil conflict along ethnic or religious lines. Secondly, nationalism creates national pride that promotes culture and participation in community welfare activities. The negative aspect of nationalism is a creation of states that do not participate in regional integration. The other negative aspect of nationalism is the creation of regional conflict and civil unrest, such as the situation between China and Tibet.

5.2 I believe that all groups with distinct national identifies deserve their own state. This will help avoid regional conflicts experienced in most parts of the world where different groups compete for power within the same state. In most case, the dominant group oppresses the weaker group causing revolt. If that is to happen, then global politics will experience the birth of numerous small states through cessations. Civil or regional conflicts will be reduced significantly.

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