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Be clear as to how an artwork artistically, stylistically, thematically, and/or conceptuallysupports your argument. Pay attention to the structure of your essays. Use the sources in attachment only.Question 1In the second half of the course, we discussed modern nationalisms and the establishment of national style and form in China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan prior to 1950. Please discuss official, state-sanctioned modes of visual representation and the relationship between race and nation. Be thoughtful in the examples you choose; you do not have to include examples from China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan. You may want to consider how laterpostcolonial critique questioned the way nationalism essentialized identity through difference, reproducing colonial, modernist, and Orientialist dualisms. Or, you may want to compare different national forms and address stylistic similarities and/or differences. Or, you may want to compare different national forms and discuss how they reflect nationalist constructions of race,ethnicity, and national belonging. Or you want to discuss something entirely different. Purchase the answer to view it
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