Animal Rights Movement

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· FOR THE TOPIC THAT I WOULD LIKE THIS PAPER TO BE ABOUT IS THE ANIMAL RIGHTS MOVEMENTThese are just links to help with a sociological explanation of your selected action or movement. This means, in your paper, you have to include at least 10 sociological terms, theories, and/or research that you think to apply with your topic and then explain how these apply.Here is an external reference ·· live in times where you hear/read about, or maybe even participate in many several recent riots/social change movements that are happening all around us. Your job this week is to analyze one of these social movements of your liking using the sociological theories and concepts.You can start with the dynamics of that particular movement you selected from its beginning and eventually analyze it. These social movements/protests could be selected from many such as Million Men March Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and other protests/social movements that some of you may be familiar with like Civil Rights Movement, Animal rights movement, gay rights movement, etc. Requirements:Select any type of collective action (e.g., riots, panics) or social movement (e.g., civil rights, animal rights, environmental rights, gay rights movements (Stonewall), Occupy Wall Street; Travon Martin case in Florida (2012), Michael Brown Jr. case in Ferguson, Missouri (2014), Freddie Gray protests in Baltimore (2015) protest/riots; Arab Spring -Collective Movement in Egypt’s Tahrir Square that was a part of Arab Uprisings; and 2014 Euro-Maidan movements in Kiev, Ukraine, etc.), of interest to you.Prepare a 3 to 5-page description of the collective action or social movement, and also provide a sociological explanation of your selected action or movement. This means, in your paper, you have to include at least 10 sociological terms, theories, and/or research that you think to apply with your topic and then explain how these apply. This week you have good chapters on social movements and collective action, and you can definitely bring them into your analysis for PP#2.The main purpose of this paper is to bring in your analysis of the events using a sociological perspective. In other words, do NOT just describe the social movement but analyze it using your sociological theories. While doing so, please look at the rubric (table) in your syllabus for guidelines (rubric does not change, so please follow the rubric to see what is required for the paper). While working on this project, make sure that you pay attention to these points below: a. First, you are expected to research and select a contemporary (20th century, civil rights movement is okay), and not historical collective action or a social movement.b. Your paper needs to have “an introduction” and a “conclusion.”c. Then, you need to briefly introduce (introduction part of your paper) your collective action in 2-3 paragraphs and explain why you selected this particular topic. In your opinion, why is this collective action important?d. In your opinion, what are the root causes of this collective movement?e. You need to list sociological terms, concepts and theories, sociological perspectives, or social research findings that are applicable to this particular action. Discuss at least 6- 8 concepts and/or theories from Week 6 resources (mostly) as well as the other chapters that can shed light on aspects of the riot/social change. Think about social movement and collective behavior theories as well as other theories and concepts from different chapters we studied until now.f. Your paper needs to have a conclusion. Here you need to draw together the ideas from your paper in an interesting way that gives the reader insight into what you have learned from analyzing this riot/social movement.g. References. You must cite your sources and include a reference list of the sources you used in APA format. h. It also needs to have references for all statistics and facts in a bibliography or works cited page done in APA format, for more information see http// the answer to view it
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Animal Rights Movement
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