Analysis of the Poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”.

Analysis of the Poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”.
The poem was written by Emily Dickinson’s. The poet in her work takes a different perspective and way of seeing issues. Many would describe it as being absurd while others would judge as being an act of lunacy. The views of the general public notwithstanding, the poet was able to come up with a poem that would be remembered for a long while to come. She took the act of death personalized it and owned the idea. Many would fail to understand how she could live with the idea of death and all that she had written in the poem. It is a nearly perfect poem if one was to analyze it critically.
The poem is based on the theme of death. Many are those who would like to avoid any discussions, as well as literature pertaining to death. Emily in her poem saw death differently. She seems to be of the idea that death is a real thing (Dickinson 13). In the poem, she paints a picture of an individual who accepts death calmly and moves through the stages of death gracefully. She even goes further to romanticize her interaction with death to the extent of referring death as her fiancé. Many would not even entertain the idea that they will interact with death at a certain point in their lives. The core subject of the poem is death. The poem is woven around the theme of mortality and the idea that all human beings will die. The central message of the set is that people should be graceful and accept that death will be there. Only then will one be able to lead a satisfactory life.
The poet had to use some figures of speech to be able to pass a concise message to the audience. Without the devices, the poem would have been meaningless as well as lacking in style and creativity. The work has six stanzas, and each stanza is a composition of four lines. The poem can be said to be a quatrain. The tone of the poem is not somber as one would expect from a poem about death. Far from it, the poem seems to have a happy and joyful mood. The character in the poem is not saddened by the death but is happy about it, and she refers to it as a right thing. She views it as a wedding or a new beginning (Dickinson 13). The poet has employed the services of personification in the poem. She says, “we passed the setting sun, or rather he passed us.” The sun has been accorded human traits in that it can pass the speaker. The sun can, therefore, move about and pass people as would any other human being.
The poet has also strived to use rhyme in the poem. There is presence or end rhyme in the poem. The second lines of some particular stanzas such as verse four and six do rhyme (Dickinson 13). That gives the poem some musicality and goes to further build on the rhythm of the poem. The poet also uses the style of paradox. He says “since then tis’ century, and yet each Feels shorter than the day.” The line is paradoxical in that he feels like a whole century can be equated to a single day. That pushes the idea intended by the poet further into the reader’s mind
The poem can be said to be an epic piece of writing. The composition is one of a kind since the poet steps out from the shadow of good writings. He takes the problem head on and engages the readers on a different platform. That gives the poem a place in history as being one that can be remembered and identified with for a long while.
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Dickinson, Emily. “Because I Could Not Stop for Death.” The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson. New York [N.Y.: Barnes & Noble, 1993. 13. Print.

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