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1. Why is a metal piece heated up when cathode raysstrike it?When cathode rays strike a metal plate, their kinetic energyis transformed into heat energy, which increases thetemperature of the plate.2. What property of cathode rays indicate that theyconsists of electrons? [HSEB 2068}Particle Property3. Why is the sun light not deflected when passesthrough either electric field or magnetic field?Light is not deflected when it passes through a capacitor.LightLight is classicly an electromagnetic wave, andvisualizing it as the water waves in a pond might help yousolve this cognitive dissonance.In the finite region in which there is a electric field generatedby the capacitor, the electric field of the wave and theprevious one interfere through superposition (because, asyou might have studied, Maxwell equations are linear), butafter that, since the wave hasn’t got charge anywhere in it,there is nothing the Lorentz force can interact with, and thusnothing is accelerated, nothing is deflected, and the waveexists the capacitor as it entered it.This is of course consisten with the quantum mechanicalnotion that light is made of photons which have no charge,and therefore cant be deflected by electric fields.4. Can we perform Millikan’s experiment with drops ofany size? Explain Larger drops has larger force ofgravity.We have to apply high electric field to balance the weight oflarger drop which mayn’t be possible. So, we mayn’t be ableto perform Millika … Purchase document to see full attachment

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5 6219533461208695271
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