CHEMISTRYCOMPOSITION OFMATTERAnything that occupies space and has mass (solid, liquid, gas)Mass– amount of matter in an object Weight– gravitational force acting on objectELEMENT– simplest form of matterEx. C, H, O, N, Ca, K, Na, ClATOM– smallest particle of an element– contains protons, electrons, and neurons Proton– POSITIVE (+) charge, inside nucleus Electron– NEGATIVE (-) charge, inside nucleus Neutron– neutral, inside nucleus Atomic Number– number of protons in each atom Mass Number– number of proton and nucleus in each atomCHEMICAL BONDS– occurs when outermost electrons are transferred or shared between atomsIONcharged particle Ionic Bonding (Transferring)– attraction between two oppositely charged are transferred or sharedbetween atomsEx. NaCl Covalent Bonding (Sharing)– atoms share one/more pairs of electronEx. Hydrogen molecule Polar Covalent bonds– unequal sharing of electronsEx. Water (H2O) Polar Molecules– dsymmetrical electrical charge Nonpolar Molecules– symmetrical electrical chargeHYDROGEN BONDS– forms when + end of 1 polar molecule is weakly attracted to – end ofanother polar molecule– weaker bondPolar MoleculesPositive endNegative endMOLECULE– 2 or more atoms chemically combineEx. Water (H2O)COMPOUND– chemical combination of 2 or more different types of atomsEx. NaClCHEMICAL REACTIONS– formation / breaking of chemical bonds Reactions- … Purchase document to see full attachment

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